Many claim that wood is a natural product and is better than plastic, so I would like to inform you about a research done by Fresnaye beekeeping professor on the problems of wooden hives. The research has led to the following conclusions:

  1. A wooden hive as well as being painted with good quality oil, the resistance to fungi and insects does not exceed 2 years.
  2. The good condition of a wooden hive RARELY exceeds 3 years.

This research states that:

The most radical solution would be maybe the ABANDONMENT of wood for the use of SYNTHETIC MATERIALS or other synthetic products that would be resistant to physical, chemical and biological agents. This observation is also reported by Pierre Jean-Prost in the book of APICULTURE at page 125 for those who would like to be informed.

Technosetbee hives achieved the above helping the beekeeper getting rid of all unnecessary tasks for wooden hives, utilizing his time for more creative things like packaging and promoting his product on the market.

You can read all about the advantages of the synthetics beehives here.