Respecting our environment

Our products are made of 100% virgin PP which can be recycled -astoundingly- up to four times before the thermal degradation has a negative impact on the polymer.


  1. Having such characteristics PP can achieve more than 100 years in service per life-cycle! 
  2. Given its inherent flexibility, PP can be recycled back into many different products, including: automotive parts, industrial fibres, food containers, dishware, compost bins, speed humps, gardening apparatus (compost bins, plant pots), etc.
  3. Carbon footprint - PP produce significantly less CO2 equivalents by weight than PET, PS and PVC. 
  4. Polypropylene produces less solid waste by weight than PET, PS or PVC.
  5. 44 out of 51 the largest US municipalities by state collect polypropylene. 
  6. In the US, polypropylene recycling rates are increasing dramatically. 
  7. Specially formulated, ecological, food-grade dyes that ensure a non-toxic environment for bees and humans.
  8. The only 100% recyclable beehive.