We are celebrating our beehives' 10 year success our all over the world and we offer five of them as giveaway prizes!

Our beehives are used all over the word for 10 years now. We celebrate this historic event by giving away 5 of our most advanced beehives and 1 automatic water feeder for apiaries.

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Relationship of Varroa mites-kirythras

The Eric Osterloynt beekeeper, researcher proceeded even more and applied the theory of small cell and small bees. Having small cells, created a bottleneck that has resulted in better regulation of temperature and humidity. Making little bee created production increase agility, while the reason most great bee is more cumbersome and less productive. When it builds the bee brood cells make smaller or when the size of the breed, while for honey storage makes them bigger. On the market but the cells have a size (5.3 mm) thus forcing Melissa to construct juvenile cells in the giving defying the physiology of each breed. The Oosterloynt felt that with the smallest cell would be better management of Varroa mites and succeeded in Extremely large percentage to the extent that the bees do not require treatment. So come many questions compared, with the Beehive, the brood cells, and eventually if we have to put whole leaves kirythras in boxes or is better than a start kirythras 3-4 cm to allow the bees to do the job properly depending on the physiology. In the world of beekeeping among beekeepers are told many correctly but also some wrong, it is time to do more research if we want our beekeeping to go ahead. Don't forget that when they heard an erroneous phrase, Word or idea, because it just sounded many times by many to mistakenly think the end right.

Varroa Mites Relationship-The Beehive

In a survey conducted by the Veltuis, W H Hayo, Kraus, Bernhard and presented in Tucson in April 2000, after deliberately krywsan FRY breeding season of Spring, Autumn, placing their awnings, opening minutes bottom with sieve, fueling the hives for swarming brood and putting achtistes honeycombs between broods, viewed BARROA to Doubles. The same survey showed that when within the hive temperature prevails C XXXV and humidity 79-85% RH in the area of Juvenile growth of Varroa mites was NULL to 2%, and the very great play was in the outer parts of the FRY and in kifinogono, the temperature was at 33 C and low humidity. In FRY's points that the humidity was at normal levels 59-68% RH, the Varroa mites pollaplasiazotan normally. The hardest for it was there that had 35 οc and humidity 79-85% RH. It seems that the cold parts of the Beehive favor the proliferation of. Another cause of development of Varroa mites is to use Old Combs which favour the development of cocoons have stayed in spoiling the consistency and temperature transmission from cell to Cell with ThERMASTRIES bees. It can bee to regulate temperature and moisture plays a very important role to tackle and reduce and eliminate the Varroa mites. Base m this research and the right results, we designed and built the new plastic blister Technosetbee which responds largely to the implementation of the survey and its results, i.e. constant temperatures and adequate moisture for the fight largely Varroa mites naturally which you can see for yourself.

H importance of water in beehives.

H importance of water in beehives. At the end of winter and after the drought of summer, skilled attendants, fetching water, frequenting humid areas. They are not looking for clear water. Instead they prefer the urinals, the swamps and urine of animals, which give them nitrogenous materials along with the water. The collection of water signalling to start breeding FRY. It is very probable that the water used to dissolve honey and prepare the larval food. In the fall, distributing clean water caused in certain cases, a fast development as with the syrup. In summer, the water transportation near the hive helps Huntington Park. The needs for water, which vary, depending on circumstances is 12 liters of water each year for each colony. The Vuillaume believes that significant thermal rise we notice after the closure comes from the syllektriwn concern, concern that is in direct relation with the need for water. The imperative need for water explains why some bees pethenoun during transportation of closed cell.

Helpful Tips

Plastic blisters-for wood Many claim that wood is a natural product and are best compared to Plastic, here I would like to inform you about a research which made Professor of apiculture Fresnaye for problems of wooden hives. The research has reached the following conclusions: 1. A wooden hive as well and is painted with oils good quality resistance to fungi and insects do not exceed 2 years. 2. good condition a wooden hive SPANIA exceed 3 years. The research indicated that: The most radical solution would be maybe the DROPPING of wood and using PLASTIC MATERIALS the other synthetic products that would be resistant to physical, chemical and biological agents. This observation reports and Pierre Prost in his book APICULTURE on page 125 for those who would like to be informed. We did this fact ridding the beekeeper from all unnecessary tasks of wood utilizing his time for more creative things.

Reviews from around the World..

Hi Yiota

We received the samples this morning they look excellent. We are really looking forward to receiving the rest so we can display it to our customers.

Many thanks for brightening our Monday morning.

Kind Regards

Eamonn Dillon


Hi Yiota,
your sample hive has arrived. Thank you! I like the body, top feeder and
cover. The overall quality is very good.

Best regards,

-------------------------------------------------------- ------

Dear Yiota,

Sorry for taking me so much time to write you back but I was away.

The beehive looks excellent, it is definitely of very high quality.


Martin (Bulgaria )

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Dear Yiota,
Thank you very much for your reply! And thanks a lot for the pictures. They look really nice. I'm realling looking forward to hear from you and to working together.
Kind regards,
( France )



I am interesting in pollem trap to Mexico.
I need 10,000 pcs, but first need see the product and the price.

Please send me a puctures and Prices.

Best Regards.


Dear Mr. Aristos,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. We are interested with your beehives "langstroth" but your idea to test one in the Philippines is a good idea. As you know we have a very warm and humid climate and we want to see also how sturdy the hives are for our market.
I would appreciate if you can send one for trial and we will give you the findings in 6 months time. It is summer this time and a good time to transfer. the hives will experience the rainy season also so it is good to send this during this coming month
looking forward to doing business with you.
Mr. Jose Reano


Dear Yiota,

Thank you very much for your email. We only used it with our new queen last October. The bees seems to be performing well compared to the old hives but we want to observe them during this coming hot summer season with very high humidity.

Mr. Jose Reano