European Patent OAMICD 001800277

The new synthetic Beehive constructed from polypropylene copolimer with great mechanical strength.

The product is GREEK and MADE by TECHNOSET.

With the NEW BEEHIVE Beekeeper's dream did COME TRUE!!!!

The advantages of the hive is:

1. We saved the Beekeeper from all unnecessary maintenance tasks that are necessary for the wooden hives like painting, sanding, oiling.

2. The results of using the synthetic beehives within a three year span showed GREAT behavior with the frost of the last two years, offering great protection to the SWARM.

3. During the summer months it offers great protection from the HEAT inside the hive by protecting the Honeycombs and the Swarm, due to the twin wall insulation technology.

It was observed that during night time in the summer bees remain inside the hive due to its good climate, while in Wooden hives a large part of the flock stays abroad because of the high temperature inside the hive.

Also due to good conditions inside the hive, we achieve higher yields on honey collection and lower consumption of food.

The tests were done at Karpenisi and Crete Greece showed perfect results during 36 months of operation as well as in Russia, America & Australia.

4. It does not get infected by germs contributing to indoor hygiene of the hive that is necessary to protect the swarm from diseases.

5. Easy to be washed with water and disinfected by a brush or a washer machine.

6. It is fireproof. (see related video)

7. It is protected by a warranty of 8 years for the strength of materials.

8. It is made with material suitable for food.

9. It comes with sunscreen for the Sun rays.

10. Is not in danger from the ΜΟΤΗ.

11. It is designed with a twin wall with styrofoam INSULATION.

12. It includes a built-in carrying handle.

13. It is designed with safety bolts between floors and recesses on the lid for safer transport of the beehives when placed one upon another.

14. It removes the humidity because it has no pores to hold water like the wooden hive causing it to maintain a healthier environment.

It is claimed that wood is a natural product and is better compared to Synthetic, so we would like to inform you about a research made by Professor of apiculture Fresnaye about the problems of wooden hives.

The research has reached the following conclusions:

1. A wooden hive, even if it is well painted with high quality oils, has a resistance to fungi and insects that does not exceed 2 years.

2. The good condition a wooden hive rarely exceeds 3 years.

The research indicated that:

The most radical solution would be maybe the ABANDONMENT of wood for the use of SYNTHETIC MATERIALS or other synthetic products that would be resistant to physical, chemical and biological agents.

This observation is also reported by Pierre Jean-Prost in the book of APICULTURE at page 125 for those who would like to be informed.

We achieved the above helping the beekeeper getting rid of all unnecessary tasks for wooden hives, utilizing his time for more creative things like packaging and promoting his product on the market.