LANGSTROTH with 2X5 Frame - Nucleus Development KIT (Code: 950-0011.55)


The best way to raise or overwinter your nucs.
Manufacturer: Technosetbee
Weight: 22.2 Kg
Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty New Improved Design Type 5: Polypropylene - Safe 100% Recyclable Patented

Technosetbee 2X5-Frame Complete Beehive


The best way to raise your nucs or overwinter weak colonies.


Convert the brood box in the most efficient way to start nucleus hives.

Nucs of that size require a lot less care and attention than smaller ones.


During winter, the bees share the warmth generated within.

In the case of a lost queen we can peacefully merge the colonies by eliminating the internal divider.


Separate entrances (180 degrees opposite) and dual top feeders for each colony.



  • 1 Vented Anti-Varroa Bottom Board
  • 2  Entrance Reducers 
  • 1 Full Depth Hive Body (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
  • 1 Hive Cover (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
  • 4 Hive Connectors
  • 8 Pins (Interlocking System)
  • 2 Top inner feeders (solid/liquid)
  • 1 Divider
  • 2 Front entrance reducers with sliding doors

Fits perfectly in the wooden LANGSTROTH hives