Shallow Frame with 6 hexagon detachable boxes (Code: 950-0079.2)


New innovative honeycomb frame with 6 hexagon detachable boxes Hexagon, code: 950-0079.2 Material suitable for food.
Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty New Improved Design 100% Recyclable Patented Food contact material - Κατάλληλο για τρόφιμα

We place the frames in a 14 cm Hive Body, we wax the boxes
and let the bees build it and fill it with honey.
As soon as the bees seal it, remove the frame as shown in Fig. 1.8, take the boxes and place the lid.
Before the product is sold on the market, we have to place it in the freezer for 3-4 days to avoid the creation of wax moth.