Beehive Bottom Board with three-point door, sliding flight board and bottom collection tray (Code: 950-0103)


Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty Advanced Ventilation System Pin Interlocking System New Improved Design Type 5: Polypropylene - Safe 100% Recyclable Patented

Technosetbee's great innovation of the new Beehive Bottom Board is the sliding flight board to extend the bees' landing board giving an extra 40mm of landing space.
When transporting the bees we have the option to close the sliding flight board saving space.
It has a three (3) point door open, closed and free passage of bees.
The Beehive Bottom Board is also available closed with a flight board.
It also has guides that fit into the aprons of the base to allow the collection tray to slide.
The collection tray has a notch in which the tube of the sublimator-mist is connected, channeling the steam evenly into the hive without developing a high temperature inside it, allowing us to see the degree of infestation by the varroa.
After the treatment, a number of mites is collected in the tray where we can observe thet extent the infestation so we can proceed with repeated treatments, if necessary.
The Beehive Bottom Board is available in three versions:
1. Anti Varroa Beehive Bottom Board with sliding flight board (950-0100)
2. Anti Varroa Beehive Bottom Board with sliding flight board, guides and collection tray (950-0101)
3. Bottom Board with sliding flight board. (950-0103)