Ultra Top Feeder (Code: 950-0061)


The ultimate top inner feeder for every season!
Product Characteristics:
BPA free 10 Year Warranty New Improved Design 100% Recyclable Patented Type 5: Polypropylene - Safe Food contact material - Κατάλληλο για τρόφιμα

Technosetbee’s unique triple-feeder serves and protects your colony throughout the entire year.


Technosetbee - Triple Top Inner Feeder - 5L (liquid) / 2Kg (solid) supplies


  • Compatible with standard Langstroth hives
  • Ledge that wraps the around the hive body sealing and protecting from all weather extremes
  • Clickable Top Entrance Vital for their cleansing flights during winter (against Nosema).
  • Fits up to 5 pounds (2.2 Kg) of solid food right above the cluster.
  • For dry (winter-pollen patties, fondant) and liquid (syrup) supplies
  • Air vents along each side
  • Elevated cap to avoid leakage
  • Replaces the wooden inner cover
  • Cleans easily with hot water
  • Central open slot with cover
  • Air vents along each side
  • 100% pure food-grade Polypropylene
  • 100% Recyclable
  • BPA Free
  • 10 Year WarrantyElevated cap to avoid leakage
  • For dry (pollen patties, fondant) and liquid (syrup) supplies


Weight: 1.8 Kg


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