Anti-theft GPS device

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The secure way to track your hive’s exact whereabouts!
Manufacturer: Save Bees
Weight: 1 lbs
Product Characteristics:
GPS Smart Sensor Ready

Save-bees Anti-theft device runs on a hibernation mode by switching off all power. It turns on, only when the sensor picks up an unexpected vibration or relocation of the hive. In such case, it activates immediately and sends two “Help” SMS messages containing the exact coordinates and traveling speed of your hive via your local network provider. Afterwords, the device turns into stand-by mode waiting for your call to send coordinates.


• Energy saving design, up to 6 months of operation in hibernation mode

Up to 20 days of operation in stand-by mode

• Save-bees Anti-theft device helps efficiently all beekeepers to locate their hives-pallets in case of theft, animal intrusion or generally any unexpected displacement

• Can inform about the accurate location with the usage of GPS integration and SMS messages sent to your phone via your local network provider

• Our device has already helped many beekeepers worldwide to recover their stolen hives. Statistically, most of them were caught in the act, provides also strong evidence for the Police to prosecute

• Friendly to the bees, it does not emit any harmful radiation

• Small size, easy to install under your hive cover or brood box

• Easy deactivation during hive inspection

• Accepts standard SIM or Micro-SIM cards

• Undetectable to thieves

 • Covers US through T-Mobile and Truphone/AT&T networks


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Tracking device dimensions:

6" X 2.5" X 1/2"

Includes: 2 batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 USB cable